We believe that all aspects of learning in a young child’s experience will be best taught within a loving environment that honours PLAY! Daily teacher-initiated activities will provide a basis of learning for new skills and then a period of free-play will allow children the opportunity to develop and better understand these skills at their own ability level. Although free-play should follow the interest of the child, it will be well-supervised, observed and teacher-guided when needed to support the child’s individual development.


  • Health and Safety:

    • Ratios are maintained

    • Direct supervision

    • Daily cleaning and sanitizing

    • Quickly completed repairs and maintenance

    • Staff access to allergy information

    • Daily outdoor time

  • Caring Instruction

    • Staff are at child’s level

    • Activities are adapted for various ages and development levels

    • Communication between parents and staff

    • Staff communicate in age appropriate language to children

    • Show genuine interest in child’s experiences

  • Well-Prepared Environment

    • Staff have weekly planning time

    • Daily routine includes pre-planned activities

    • Interest-based learning centres changed monthly