To visit a list of our current fundraising opportunities please visit the CURRENT FUNDRAISERS page.

We have created the attached FAQ to help answer some of the questions you may have about fundraising. The FAQ lists the fundraising & donation options and explains how we use the funds raised, as well as why your contributions are so important to Funshine Early Learning Centres Inc.

FAQ – Fundraising

Why should I fundraise or donate?

Your fundraising and donation dollars provide extra support to expenses incurred by FUNSHINE for toys, supplies, field trips, etc. These funds supplement the budget so that more money is available to aid in providing high quality programs, to cover operating costs, to provide competitive wages to retain quality child care providers, and to assist in building a reserve fund to be used for future upgrades & expenses.

How are my contributions used?

Each year, FUNSHINE budgets for upcoming expenses and puts together a list of items that fundraising/donations could help fund. In the past, fundraising dollars have been used to pay for items that have improved the quality of our programming.

Do I have to fundraise/donate?

No, it is optional – although we do appreciate it! We offer a few ways to fundraise/donate to make it easy for parents. You can choose what works for you. For example, some parents prefer a monthly donation instead of participating in the fundraisers, while others do both.

How can I contribute?

There are many ways – choose what works best for you!

Monthly Donations – a popular option, you choose any $ amount you wish to add to your monthly invoice. This is an easy way to contribute and every dollar is hugely appreciated! Or you could make a one-time donation. You get a tax receipt for donations over $10!

Fundraisers – the Board of Directors and fundraising committee organizes fundraisers through the year.

Mabel’s Labels – we fundraise with Mabel’s Labels year round! Just visit & share this website and choose Funshine from the drop-down list. When you place an order through our group’s link, FUNSHINE automatically earns 20% of your purchase price! Easy!

Scholastic Reading Club – when you order from Scholastic, we earn rewards points that we can use to buy books, toys, and teacher resources for the daycare!

Daddy's Sweetheart Ball- this is an annual event for Fathers/Grandpas/Uncles to spend an evening with their favorite little girls. Dancing, dinner and entertainment - this is one of our largest fundraisers.

We value your help!

We hope this provides you with information on how valuable your contributions are to Funshine Early Learning Centres Inc.

We would love to hear from you with any questions or comments about fundraising, or if you would like to become involved in fundraising. Please contact the Board of Directors at