At FUNSHINE Early Learning Centres we believe that children learn most effectively through play. Therefore, a large part of the children’s day is involved in supervised free play. Children learn how to make positive choices, build relationships with others, problem-solve and cooperate with others during their play.

Our staff create learning experiences that build children’s self-esteem, confidence, independence, character, compassion and empathy towards others. We also instil in children respect and consideration for themselves, for others and for their own and others belongings. We support each individual child in our program and give all children the opportunity to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually to their fullest potentials.

Our daily schedule is flexible to meet the needs of the children but predictable to provide a sense of security. We minimize the amount of transitions the children experience throughout the day and guide children during these times with songs, stories and conversation. Every aspect of the day, including routines and transitions such as diapering and hand-washing, is important and an opportunity for teachable moments and positive interactions with children. Our staff role model and actively listen to the children which develops respect for them and others as well as strong team building skills. Every interaction with children is an opportunity for stimulating, educating, and nurturing their development. Our staff builds relationships by talking with the children using open ended questions to stimulate growth in all developmental areas.


We recognize that infant and toddler children need to develop in a consistent, nurturing and stimulating environment. We are committed to providing a safe, warm, and friendly environment, with a program that has just the right balance of sensory stimulations, rest, and quiet activities for the individual children in our care. We are committed to providing infants and toddlers with consistent, loving relationships with caregivers that we believe will assist the child in growing and developing to his/her individual maximum level, comfortably and without stress.


1. Provide adequate and varied nourishment, prepared in a safe and sanitary manner

2. Provide protective, preventative, and prompt physical care

3. Ensure a small number of adults have a consistent relationship with the infants

4. Facilitate frequent positive contact with other children and adults

5. Employ caregivers who understand that infants and toddlers are individuals who deserve love, respect and quality care

6. Ensure consistency, regularity and order within routines

7. Offer variety, flexibility and change within the physical environment

8. Provide freedom to be challenged and stimulated by the environment

9. Protect from anxiety and fear, and to encourage expression of emotions and feelings

10. The infant and preschool staff will provide support and comfort as infants enter the transition and preschool programs with the individual child’s needs in mind.


We are committed to providing a play based program for children in a secure physical, emotional and intellectual environment. The children will be given many opportunities to explore hands-on experiences, under the supervision of caring, trained and committed caregivers. The caregivers share a genuine interest in children and seeks to personalize their relationships with both the children and their parents. A parent’s interest and input in their child’s intellectual, social and physical development is invaluable and is shared by the caregivers. We believe that we have so much to learn from our children and sincerely hope that together we can discover and share all delights each child sees and experiences as they grow.


1. To grow in independence

2. To give, share, and receive attention

3. To develop awareness and respect for individual and cultural differences

4. To enhance fine and gross motor skills

5. To develop self-control, self-direction, responsibility and positive self-image

6. To practise cooperation, sharing and thoughtfulness toward others

7. To develop an appreciation and respect for themselves, others and their environment


We are committed to provide an environment with age appropriate activities, interactions, space/furnishings and a program structure. Time is allowed daily for homework and study, and the implementation of themes and special activity days are established with experienced, qualified and caring ECE’s. We provide the flexibility and structure in our program to foster the development of the school age child.


1. To grow positive peer interactions

2. To experience multiple opportunities for learning and practising skills

3. To enhance and promote positive communication

4. To encourage individualism and respect for self and others

5. To participate in a variety of indoor/outdoor experiences involving problem solving skills and interaction

6. To provide opportunities to complete school assignments, with assistance and supervision

7. To provide programming for school age students during the summer, spring break and Christmas vacation.